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Planer knife slotting system

Planer Knives are made of High Speed Steel; which is superior to the older carbon steel; it can endure much higher temperatures
the planer knife is imported from Germany🇩🇪and its very durable.

Rolling Feeding system

Rolling feeding device is the fastest and the most user friendly system for feeding material, the feeding system is equipped with thickness adjustment by stepper motors the helps feeding diffrent thicknesses material .
 which means the flat aluminum coils can get through the feeding roller smoothly.

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Double blade alternate bending system

this system is the best choice for bending  various kind of aluminum material without  ant bending marks on the surface, this system is fast and accurate and the grooves on cylinder will remove all limitation for bending edged material and extrusion profiles; 

the beating and extruding rates are adjustable by the software for different hardness and thickness of material.

Suitable Material

Flat Aluminum

3cm to 10cm

Up tp 0.6mm 
The most affordable bending machine in the world

Tutorial Videos

Hightech HT mini Bending Machine
HT mini  Flat aluminum Bending machine

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