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Led neon strips

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Carnival costumes collection

5 m/roll 

6 ✕ 12 
8 ✕ 16

Large selection of carnival masks

50 m/roll 

6 ✕ 12 
8 ✕ 16

                      9 mm/cut

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100% Pure Silicon

Cilicone gel vs PVC rubber

  1. Temperature resistance: Silicon products have high thermal stability, and the chemical bonds of molecules do not break or decompose under high temperatures. Silicone is resistant to high and low temperatures and can be used over a wide range of temperatures.
  2. Long Service life: Silicone products are not easily broken down by ultraviolet light and ozone. Silicon has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and weather resistance than other polymer materials. The service life of silicon in a natural environment can reach several decades.
  3. Electrical insulation: Silicon products have good electrical insulation. Their electrical performance is little affected by temperature and frequency. Silicon also has excellent water repellency, which is the high reliability for electrical equipment in wet conditions.

Time Saving 

Comparing to traditional Neon signs, by using LED neon fles you will save a lot of time 

High ductility

Silcon Neon flex have high ductility and flexibility that can be shaped to any fonts and design 

Long Life Time

due to using high quality made in Taiwan chipss we guarantee 2 years or 50000 hours life time


This sign boards comparing many types of  signs, such like 3D letters, Steel letters or even traditional Neon sign board costs less 

Easy assembly

for assembly of LED Neon signs, all you need are a cutter and a soldering Iron

Variety of Colors

Its available in many colors  and also diffrent color tonnage, this is one of the advantage of Flex Neon strips comparing of other lighting sources
for example Red color is available  in Blood red, rose Red, dark red...

Water Proof

Flex Neon Trips are water poof with IP grade 65.

LED neon flex strips

Dont you know how to recognize Silicon from PVC?

  1. Different outside: From the appearance, PVC products are rougher than silicone products, silicone products have a smooth and shiny surface.
  2. Different in touching: According to the hand feeling, the silicone product is soft with good toughness and elasticity, while the PVC soft rubber is relatively less hard. The softness and hardness of both can be adjusted, but the PVC does not have tenacity.
  3. Different in burning: Silica gel products are generally transparent, with small burning smell and powder, while PVC products will turn black after burning and smell bad when burning.
  4. Different in the cost: The raw material price of PVC products is low, which is made of synthetic materials. Silica gel is more expensive than PVC products in production and manufacturing.

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